Informace CEDEFOP

Cedefop co-organises first European guidance week

12. 6. 2017
The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Cedefop and Foundation Innove are co-organising the first European guidance week, in Tallinn on 26-29 September.

Stay tuned for the European skills index!

9. 6. 2017
Since 2013, Cedefop has been working on constructing a European skills index – Making skills work.

Commissioner Thyssen briefed on new Cedefop project

9. 6. 2017
Cedefop Director James Calleja had a brief meeting with the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen at the European Training Foundation (ET

Skillsnet e-bulletin: July 2017

8. 6. 2017
Skills Panorama awarded EPSA best practice certificate The SKILLSNET e-bulletin July 2017 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

A new era of self-made skills

8. 6. 2017
There will be no ready-made human capital in the future due to the constant labour market transformation, but self-made skills are possible, said Cedefop Director James Calleja at the European Trai

Let us know how online tools can help you manage your skills and career!

2. 6. 2017
The European Commission has launched an online survey to understand the needs of people when looking for support and information on education,

Cedefop’s upcoming policy learning forum on vocational training for the long-term unemployed

2. 6. 2017
Cedefop is organising a high-level policy learning forum on vocational training for the long-term unemployed on 15 and 16 June in Thessaloniki.

Cedefop delegation discusses VET cooperation in Croatia

31. 5. 2017
A Cedefop delegation headed by Director James Calleja took part in a forum on vocational education and training (VET) promotion in Zagreb on 26 May and met with Croatia’s Minister for Education and

Cedefop and Eurofound join forces for the European company survey

30. 5. 2017
Cedefop and Eurofound have joined expertise and resources to carry out the 4th European company survey.

Skillsnet e-bulletin: June 2017

26. 5. 2017
Stay tuned for the European Skills Index! The SKILLSNET e-bulletin June 2017 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

ICT and LMI in lifelong guidance

26. 5. 2017
Cedefop is cooperating to the organisation of  the 7th EU presidency conference of lifelong guidance policy on 27-28/09/2017, organised by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

United Kingdom lifetime earnings: apprentices gaining on graduates

25. 5. 2017
ReferNet United Kingdom A report by Barclays Bank and the

United Kingdom: transition training fund for oil and gas workers

25. 5. 2017
ReferNet United Kingdom People who face losing their jobs in the oil and gas sector, as a consequence of lower oil prices affecting business, will be helped to transition into other energy industry and manufacturing jobs

Slovakia: serious skills mismatch ahead if policy is not turned into action

25. 5. 2017
ReferNet Slovakia Population ageing, demographic decline and learners’ study preferences are posing major challenges to Slovakia’s economy. Its labour force will not be able to meet labour market needs.

Slovakia: better skills governance envisaged

25. 5. 2017
ReferNet Slovakia Philosophers working as clerks, trained teachers as cashiers.

Poland: two-stage upper secondary VET programmes

23. 5. 2017
In December 2016, the Minister of National Education introduced reform that will change the structure of upper secondary VET.

Estonia: VET schools promote language skills

23. 5. 2017
The government supports Estonian as a second language and foreign language learning by learners in VET and higher education, to ensure better career opportunities and mobility.

Estonia: nine adult education projects to develop key competences

23. 5. 2017
The government aims to reduce the share of adults aged 25 to 64 without professional or vocational education from 28.5% in 2016 to less than 25% by 2020, and to increase their participation in life

Cedefop and ETF knowledge-sharing seminar in Thessaloniki

23. 5. 2017
A knowledge-sharing seminar was organised in Cedefop’s premises in Thessaloniki on 22 May.