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Bulgaria: ongoing expansion of MyCompetence system

15. 11. 2019
The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) has been working since the beginning of 2018 on expanding My

Iceland: fairs and competitions to enhance VET attractiveness

15. 11. 2019
In March, Skills Iceland held its biannual VET fair for primary education learners, and a national exhibition in 30 different trades for current VET learners.

Iceland: Work-based learning for future teachers makes profession attractive for young people

15. 11. 2019
Icelandic universities saw a 45% increase in applications for teacher education during 2019, following the introduction of several measures.  

Portugal: VET for the homeless

13. 11. 2019
In 2019, a new strategic

Latvia: discussing adult education policy in the regions

13. 11. 2019
In August 2019, representatives of local governments, adult education coordinators and programme providers discussed the development of adult education policy and its implementation in the Latgale

Slovakia: new financial incentive for companies involved in dual VET

13. 11. 2019
Companies involved in dual VET are entitled to a new financial benefit, the so-called d

Luxembourg: updated labour code and law on reforming vocational training

13. 11. 2019
On June 19, 2019, the Chamber of Deputies voted to amend the labour code and the Law Reforming Vocational Training (2008). The amended law entered into force on July 12 2019.

#CedefopPhotoAward 2019 exhibition opens in Thessaloniki

4. 11. 2019
Cedefop Executive Director Jürgen Siebel and Thessaloniki International Film Festival General Director Elise Jalladeau opened the #CedefopPhotoAward 2019 exhibition at the Thessaloniki Cinema Museu

Watch Cedefop's new video on Finland's VET system!

29. 10. 2019
Vocational education and training (VET) in Finland is an attractive educational option. It is competence-based and learner-oriented.

Skills for the future and VET in the world the focus of European vocational skills week 2019

18. 10. 2019
As jobs and ways of working transform, so does the emphasis on skills and learning, said Cedefop Executive Director Jürgen Siebel in a keynote speech at the European vocational skills week (EVSW) 2

An enhanced role for apprenticeship in a changing world of work

8. 10. 2019
The external factors that have an impact on apprenticeship and the relevant design and delivery responses were discussed at a joint Cedefop/OECD symposium, on 7 October in Paris.

Portugal: memorandum of understanding in VET with Germany

8. 10. 2019
The Portuguese education and labour ministries together with the German education ministry signed a

Belgium: promising results for Erasmus Duaal

8. 10. 2019
SYNTRA Vlaanderen recently presented the results from its

Norway: teacher specialist: a new career path for teachers

7. 10. 2019
As part of the government’s initiative to keep good teachers in the classrooms, the education ministry has been conducting a pilot project since 2015/16 on a new professional career path for

Norway: cooperation and recognition of education among the Nordic countries

7. 10. 2019
The formalised cooperation between the Nordic countries is one of the oldest and most extensive regional cooperatives in the world.

Malta: financial incentives promoting VET

7. 10. 2019
The Maltese government is offering incentives for vocational education and training (VET) at all levels of education through financial measures.