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European vocational skills week 2017: a celebration of VET

8. 12. 2017
The second European vocational skills week (20-24 November 2017) has proved to be even more successful than

Education and work keeping pace with digital transformation

30. 11. 2017
The opportunities and challenges of digitalisation and new forms of work were discussed at a working dinner organised by Cedefop and hosted by Martina Dlabajová MEP at the European Parliament in Br

Cedefop announces cooperation on skills forecast with Eurofound

28. 11. 2017
During the latest expert workshop on skills forecast, which took place in Thessaloni

Luxembourg: new personal school progression monitoring tool for VET

28. 11. 2017
The Ministry of national Education, Children and Youth has launched a new application for VET pupils.

Germany: national decade for literacy and basic skills 2016-26

28. 11. 2017
The Federal Government and Federal States have joined forces to instigate a

Austria: promoting entrepreneurship in schools

28. 11. 2017
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship are among the eight key competences for lifelo

Austria: dual VET modernisation aims to increase digitisation of the economy

28. 11. 2017
Dual vocational education and training (VET) plays a major role in Austria.

Germany: internationalisation strategy

28. 11. 2017
Global challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy supply, food security and migration do not stop at national borders. No country can answer these challenges by itself.

Luxembourg: new Tech School focuses on digital education

28. 11. 2017
The Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) is a new extracurricular school concept to support the development of future digital leaders.

Sweden: government strategy 2017 foresees programming skills for all VET students

27. 11. 2017
In response to being asked by the government to develop a national strategy for digital skills in education, the Swedish National Agency of Education has decided that all upper secondary learners s

Sweden: every tenth Swedish initial VET learner goes abroad

27. 11. 2017
According to a report published in 2017 by Statistics Sweden (SCB), every tenth person who has completed initial vocational education and training (VET) and is aged between 18 and 34 years had been

Latvia: legal framework for modular vocational education and training

27. 11. 2017
Introducing modular vocational education and training (VET) programmes helps VET become more flexible, responsive to labour market needs and attractive.

Poland: grants to increase employer participation in training

27. 11. 2017
Employer participation in training is a government priority. VET schools and companies need better cooperation to allow learners to acquire skills and knowledge needed in the labour market.

Poland: comprehensive qualifications framework for the construction sector

27. 11. 2017
Each economic sector demands a specific set of learning outcomes.

France: new training system reform planned

27. 11. 2017
In place since mid-May 2017, the new government intends to proceed with large-scale reform of the vocational training system.

United Kingdom: master craftsperson in Wales

24. 11. 2017
CollegesWales is considering plans to launch a brand new professional designation master craftsperson in Wales CollegesWales, the Wales’ national contact point for the European qualifications framework, completed in 2016 their research on the European master craftsperson qualifications.

Skills Panorama awarded best practice certificate

22. 11. 2017
Cedefop's Skills Panorama team received a best practice certificate within the European public sector award (EPSA) at a ceremony in Maastricht’s Town Hall on 20 November.

Cedefop at the 25th anniversary of the European Welding Federation

20. 11. 2017
The European Welding Federation celebrated its 25th a

Skillsnet e-bulletin: November 2017

16. 11. 2017
How can VET, skills and qualifications play a role in the EU refugee crisis? The SKILLSNET e-bulletin November 2017 Issue has just been send to Skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

New European handbook on learning outcomes

15. 11. 2017
Cedefop has just published a European handbook on defining, writing and applying learning outcomes, addressed to individuals and institu