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Germany: enquiry committee on vocational education in the digital world

23. 1. 2019
Where and how should VET be adapted to the demands of the digital workplace? How can the strengths of the system be further developed and possible access barriers reduced?

Malta: new VET pedagogy addresses the Industry 4.0 challenge

22. 1. 2019
The fourth industrial revolution is bringing a series of social, political, cultural and economic impacts that will unfold over the 21st century.  It calls on the education community to be among th

Luxembourg: digital skills bridge

22. 1. 2019
The current digitalisation and automation process taking place across business sectors has a major impact on skills and competences required on the labour market, and affects companies and trades t

Digital skills and VET in Romanian EU Presidency’s programme

16. 1. 2019
Romania has taken over the rotating six-month EU Presidency for the first time.

Cedefop and ETF experts share knowledge in Turin

21. 12. 2018
Every year Cedefop and the European Training Foundation (ETF) organise two joint thematic meetings to ensure knowledge-sharing and further reinforce complementarity in their activities.

Skills forecast: trends and challenges to 2030

20. 12. 2018
Cedefop and Eurofound’s joint report on the skills forecast has been released.

Cedefop on board the 3rd EU jobs and mobility roadshow in Greece

20. 12. 2018
This December, once again, Cedefop travelled with the EU jobs and mobility roadshow, an itinerant marketplace and information initiative, aiming to reach out to the education and training community

Skillsnet e-bulletin: November - December 2018

19. 12. 2018
Skills Forecast new thought-provoking blog “Four challenges on the future of work” The SKILLSNET e-bulletin November - December 2018 Issue has just been send to Skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts launched

19. 12. 2018
Cedefop hosted the virtual launch of its new community of apprenticeship experts on 13 December.

Belgium: the future of learning is dual, digital and international

18. 12. 2018
The new dual learning (apprenticeship) system, focuses on innovation, digitalisation and (international) cooperation through different projects.

ECVET magazine no 33 - December 2018

18. 12. 2018
Keep abreast of latest developments on ECVET, learn about creating ECVET units of learning outcomes, using the principles of ECVET and EQF, assessment of prior learning.

Cedefop’s future VET scenarios welcomed by policy-makers

17. 12. 2018
The future of vocational education and training (VET) was the theme of Cedefop’s 6th Brussels seminar with the rotating EU Presidencies, on 13 December.

Sweden: signs of growing VET

14. 12. 2018
The share of applicants to vocational programmes as first choice increased in the academic year 2017/18 for the first time since the 2011 reform, while the trend of a gradual decline continues.

Luxembourg: VET goes cross-border

13. 12. 2018
Cross-border apprenticeship is a concrete example of the European principle of free circulation, which opens up new chances and prospects for young people to broaden their professional and educatio

Iceland: more funds for VET in the 2019 State budget

13. 12. 2018
Workplace training fund The State budget proposal for 2019, submitted to the Icelandic Parliament on 11 September, included several measures concerning VET-related issues, including a possible budget increase that would i

Ireland: improving basic skills through work-based learning

13. 12. 2018
In an analysis of further education and training expenditure by Education Training Boards, the Iris

Cedefop’s future of VET work discussed at ETF conference

28. 11. 2018
Cedefop Head of Department for VET Systems and Institutions Loukas Zahilas took part in the European Training Foundation’s (ETF’s) conference on ‘Skills for the future: managing transition’ in Turi

Record attendance at 2018 ReferNet plenary meeting

27. 11. 2018
Over 80 partner and national representatives from ReferNet’s 30 countries took part in the Cedefop network’s 16th annual plenary meeting, a European vocational skills week event, in Thessaloniki fr