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Croatia: VET curricula reform places VET in the spotlight

20. 9. 2019
Two flagship initiatives for the modernisation of education address vocational and general education components of VET.

Germany: the new national continuing education strategy

20. 9. 2019
The national continuing education strategy was jointly adopted in mid-2019 by the Federal Government

Tackling early leaving from education and training? You need Cedefop's new toolkit!

18. 9. 2019
EPALE interview on Cedefop's new toolkit for tackling early leaving EPALE Thematic Coordinator, Andrew McCoshan who participated in Cedefop - LLLP

‘Skillset and match’ September issue is out!

13. 9. 2019
The September 2019 issue of Skillset and match, Cedefop’s magazine promoting learning for work, is now available to read and do

Cedefop’s skills online vacancy analysis tool is expanding

12. 9. 2019
A second version of Cedefop’s skills online vacancy analysis tool for Europe (Skills OVATE) has been relea

Slovakia: developments in human resource planning, career guidance and counselling

10. 9. 2019
Sponsored by public employment services and the ESF, two new tools ‘odborogram’ and ‘profesiometer’ focusing on human resource planning and career guidance and counselling were de

Sweden: educating a new generation of VET teachers

2. 9. 2019
What happens to a person who leaves a vocation to enter the teaching profession? How are teacher competences developed?

The Netherlands: a significant reduction of dropouts in VET; how to proceed?

2. 9. 2019
The number of students having successfully finished their VET course has risen to almost 84%, concluded the Inspectorate of Education in its

Belgium: helping young NEETs in Wallonia: over 60% success rate in 2018

2. 9. 2019
Offering NEETs a way to boost their professional prospect, find the training that suits them and land a job: that’s the objective of the ‘

Austria: lifelong learning vital for Austrian companies

2. 9. 2019
95% of companies see lifelong learning as a (very) important education policy issue in the coming years, as per a recent survey conducted among 500 companies by the

New Cedefop Executive Director takes up duties

2. 9. 2019
Jürgen Siebel took up his duties on 2 September as Cedefop Executive Director. Mr Siebel was selected to the post by the European Commission. He joins Cedefop from the private sector.

Cedefop to test labour mobility opportunities for refugees

5. 8. 2019
Cedefop has started a project to investigate how vocational education and training (VET) can effectively contribute to creating labour mobility opportunities for adult refugees.

SKILLSNET e-bulletin: July - September 2019

2. 8. 2019
Skills Panorama’s latest blog “Vacancy analysis goes online!” The SKILLSNET e-bulletin July - September 2019 Issue has just been send to Skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

VET, an underused route to a good job in Greece

2. 8. 2019
According to an opinion survey on vocational education and training (VET) carried out by Cedefop, around 64% of respondents who studied VET in Greece found their first long-term job within a year,

Finland: government emphasises VET in 2019-23 programme

19. 7. 2019
The 2019-23 government programme aims to increase the number of people completing upper secondary education, improve outreach, invest more in VET and promote continuing learning. 

Estonia: Graduates recommend apprenticeship

19. 7. 2019
Results of a survey carried out in late 2018 show that the experience of apprent

Slovakia: lack of labour force anticipated

19. 7. 2019
 The labour ministry offers data on trends in the labour market via the new portal.

Luxembourg: new technician programme in smart technologies

19. 7. 2019
From school year 2018/19, five secondary schools have been offering a new technician programme in smart technologies

Italy: Stage4eu: Europe internships at your fingertips

19. 7. 2019
Stage4eu is a mobile app and a website for young people interested in an in

United Kingdom – Scotland: Skills action plan for rural Scotland announced

19. 7. 2019
Skills Development Scotland has developed the Skills action plan for rural Scotland with the Scottish Government and other partners.