Informace CEDEFOP

Cedefop and international organisations share vision of career guidance’s strategic role

18. 12. 2019
Cedefop, together with the European Commission, ETF, OECD, ILO and UNESCO have released a shared vision of the strategic role of career guidance in enabling learning and labour market integration.

Sweden: gender equality in VET

17. 12. 2019
Several recent activities designed to strengthen gender equality in Swedish education have been in progress.

Romania: networking partnerships for quality assurance in VET

17. 12. 2019
A total of 10 new VET school networks were set up by the National Centre for TVET Development between April 2019 and March 2021 to strengthen institutional capacity and develop the quality assuranc

Romania: new six-month apprenticeship programmes

17. 12. 2019
New six-month apprenticeship programmes have become available in Romania for low-qualified people and for those who left school without any qualification.

Latvia: national forum on adult education developments

16. 12. 2019
On 22 November 2019 stakeholders discussed the developments in adult education in the national forum ‘I work and learn’.

Luxembourg: ‘Skills United’: campaign promoting vocational training and skills competitions

16. 12. 2019
 On 21 of May 2019, the Ministry of education and the president of WorldSkills Luxembourg launched ‘Skills United’, a new

Finland: increasing compulsory education age and merging VET and general education governance

16. 12. 2019
In 2021, compulsory education age will be extended from 16 to 18 according to the government programme. This will apply to all programmes at upper secondary level.

Estonia: Vocational Skills Night boosts VET visibility

16. 12. 2019
Vocational Skills Night (Oskuste ÖÖ) was held in Estonia on 17 October 2019 for the third time.

Estonia: higher levels of education and better skills pay off

16. 12. 2019
A recent study on the labour market success of vocational education and training (

United Kingdom: England set to introduce T Level qualifications

13. 12. 2019
The Department for Education has announced that new T Level qualifications will be rolled out in England from the 2020-21 school year onwards.

2019 global inventory of qualifications frameworks is out!

12. 12. 2019
 A collaborative work of Cedefop, UNESCO, ETF and UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong learning, the Global inventory of national and regional qualifications frameworks captures and

Cedefop presents CrowdLearn study, offering a glimpse into future work and learning

12. 12. 2019
Cedefop presented the main results of its CrowdLearn study ‘Skills formation and skill matching in online platform work’ to European policy-makers at its

Cedefop launches vocational education and training in Europe database

10. 12. 2019
The new Cedefop database is the main source of information about vocational education and training (VET) systems in the European

Cross-country comparison of VET qualifications discussed at Cedefop workshop

2. 12. 2019
Comparing the content of qualifications across European countries is part of Cedefop’s work on understanding qualifications, initiated more than two decades ago.

Using VET to integrate migrants in Belgium

27. 11. 2019
At the 2018 Euroskills Budapest competition, a single Brussels resident represented the successful Belgian delegation: Omar L

Cedefop’s work presented at regional policy dialogue event in Myanmar

20. 11. 2019
Cooperation on qualifications and quality frameworks is a global priority.

Finland: new quality strategy for VET

15. 11. 2019
The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has prepared a proposal for a quality strategy in vocational education and training until 2030.

Spain: improving youth opportunities: the 2019 Action plan for youth employment

15. 11. 2019
Challenges faced by the Spanish youth population, such as low pay, high unemployment and low qualification levels, are the key drivers of the Action plan for youth employment put in place by the Mi

Spain: new measures to support quality vocational training for jobs

15. 11. 2019
Three new ministerial orders regulating the vocational training system for employment were published in the first quarter of 2019.

Malta: VET learners contribute to society

15. 11. 2019
In addition to its commitment to excellence in vocational education and nurturing high performance standards and professionalism in its graduates, the